Accounting and Financial Reporting

100% IFRS 2 & GAAP Compliancy.

ShareForce guarantees the utmost compliance with complex accounting standards for cash or equity-settled plans with performance conditions. Create accounting reports instantaneously, incorporating estimated attrition, staff movements, actual forfeits, and accelerations. Generate income statement and balance sheet views, amortisation and expensing tables and journal entries at any date.

Accounting and Financial Reporting Service by Shareforce


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Forfeiture rate calculators
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Mobility rules for staff movements
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Leaver effect and truing up
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Multi-currency reports
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Disclosure templates for AFS notes
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Hedge accounting, deferred tax and budgeting functionality
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Recharge accounting
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“We are impressed by the platform’s capacity to provide an end-to-end management solution for our array of incentive plans which vary in complexity (for IFRS 2 and cash-based awards) and by its ability to provide each employee with an overview of their balances and exercises online, eliminating what is currently a very manual and time consuming process while allowing us to maintain administrative control of the schemes – as opposed to a full outsourcing model which has significant inefficiencies.”
“The functionality of their product has streamlined our whole share scheme process, and their understanding and knowledge of the IFRS requirements reduced weeks of obtaining the information down to a few minutes through the click of a button."
“We use ShareForce’s management platform to fair value, account-for and report-on our complex cash and equity- settled share schemes in accordance with IFRS. These have been successfully signed off by our existing auditors, PwC.”
real time reporting feature

Real-time reporting, right when you need it

Access an extensive range of IFRS and GAAP audit-ready reports at the click of a button. Define, customise and create your reports or use the plethora of predefined views. Information is stored on a per-participant, per tranche level, which means that you can slice and dice data as you require.

Someone to rely on

Gain access to our technical client management team consisting of accountants, mathematicians, engineers and CFAs, who are at your service whenever you need them. ShareForce is a knowledge hub, reducing your reliance on key individuals.
technical client management
intelligent budget functionality feature

Budgeting is a breeze

The intelligent budget functionality allows you to overlay expected new issuances on top of your existing accounting reports to enable you to make informed decisions quickly. Provide confident answers to assure and inform company management.

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