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ShareForce’s Compliance with SOC 2

We take data security seriously at ShareForce. As a trusted Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for incentive plan management,
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The Power of Gamification in Employee Incentive Awards

Businesses worldwide are now recognising the potential of gamification as an instrument to effectively engage employees. Gamification, the concept of

employee retention benefits

Employees may be replaceable…but at what cost?

Retaining high-quality staff can be expensive, but so can high staff turnover. Businesses are built on making profits; thus, when

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Automating employee reward plan operations

Incentive plan management tools can do the heavy lifting for incentive plan operations while your team saves time and focuses
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Back to Basics – Employee Incentive Plans

An employee incentive plan is a compensation structure that rewards and encourages staff to work harder and achieve specific goals.
Navigating Incentive Plan Pay-outs Amidst Layoffs

Navigating Incentive Plan Pay-outs Amidst Layoffs

As the world economy continues to struggle, some of tech’s most influential names, like Google, Microsoft and Amazon, have opted

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