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This is what we do.

ShareForce has earned a reputation as a trusted and leading technology for incentive plan management, administration and accounting. Together with our global partners, we’re on a mission to make lives easier for all those involved in the incentive plan lifecycle.
About Shareforce

Who we are

ShareForce was founded in South Africa by our CEO, who envisaged using automation to transform the very complex models and intricate processes of the incentive plan lifecycle into an easy-to-use, automated technology.

ShareForce has since grown to provide its cutting edge incentive plan technology to hundreds of companies worldwide, with a successful track record for launching additional products that address deferred compensation plan pain points.

ShareForce falls within the VAT IT Group, the largest RegTech group in the world, with over 40 wholly-owned branches worldwide servicing over 20 000 clients in 117 countries. Being part of a multinational conglomerate gives us access to world-class infrastructure and superior resources and results in us providing you with industry-leading, robust technology.

Incentive plan technology

ShareForce’s leading technology for incentive plan management is superbly built and easy to use. By integrating all your share or cash incentive tasks onto a single, simple, online platform, ShareForce offers everything you need, all in one place. With our technology, multiple users across the globe have access to all the expertise without the exorbitant in-house costs or heavy reliance on key individuals.

Our technology gives you the control to manage your plans, your way. It will free your Rewards and Finance teams from demanding and manual processes to concentrate on other important strategic tasks and make informed decisions quickly.

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ShareForce in numbers

Over 300 system administrators globally
More than 250 companies in 30 countries
More than 300,000 awarded employees
Our directors have 20 years of accumulated knowledge and a demonstrated track record of implementing, managing plans throughout the award lifecycle. We have developed nuanced and specific technical knowledge through time and experience.

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What’s different when you work with us?

At ShareForce, our primary goal is to make your life easier, eliminate your management risks, and reduce time, costs and reliance on external skills. Having dealt with some of the largest companies globally, we understand the importance of streamlining internal processes, good governance, and managing risks to align to world-standard corporate governance principles.
Unparalleled services

Unparalleled service

Don’t think of ShareForce as a new system you have to learn (the thought exhausts us too). We’re with you every step of the way throughout the administration and management process.
Access to all brokers
Access to all brokers
We offer you the flexibility to choose your own broker or use one of our recommended brokers, so you get the best rates. Either way, they’ll be seamlessly integrated with ShareForce.
focused products feature
Focused products
This is what we do. We have one product that we’re industry experts in. We have no distractions from our one laser-focused goal – to make incentive management easier for you.
fort knox security feature
Fort Knox security
We have ensured the highest standard of data security. We use world-leading service & platform providers and are supported by their unrivalled security standards. We also regularly evaluate our platform’s security using authorised simulated cyberattacks.
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Although we are certain that ShareForce will cater for 95% of your needs, we remain agile and able to build, add or configure our technology to suit your specifications.
100% Compliance
100% Compliance
ShareForce guarantees the utmost compliance with complex accounting and valuation standards. We understand the nuances of local tax laws and regulatory standards for share plans.
The best team
The best team
Our team is agile, smart and skilled. Made up of specialist accountants, CFA’s, mathematicians, IT developers, and engineers, we’re able to provide you with both robust technology and sound technical advice.
Hassle-free migration
Hassle-free migration
While we work closely with your team to understand your current incentive plan management requirements, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting and data transfers to get you up and running.

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If you would like to know more about our solutions, please submit an enquiry. One of our staff will call you to discuss your requirements in more detail and set up a meeting at your convenience.
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