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Instantly test and perform complex plan valuations for almost any equity, phantom or cash-settled incentive plan using our powerful valuation tool. Generate audit-ready, IFRS or GAAP compliant valuations reports detailing methodologies, inputs and assumptions at the click of a button. Easily prepare vesting reports for in-flight or vested awards that provide maximum transparency.
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A live market data source for calculations
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Proxies for unlisted companies
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Management of leavers, staff transfers, rejoiners, and access
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Bulk valuation tool
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Disclosure reports for IFRS notes
Working with Sharefroce for plan valuations

Top 5 IFRS2 models

Value almost any incentive plan using sophisticated valuation methods automatically applied.

Monte Carlo | Binomial Tree | Black Scholes
Dividend model | Hybrid Model

Save time, save money

Stress-test valuations to see the impact of market variables on the company’s cost without exorbitant external costs and long waiting periods. ShareForce modelling infrastructure is robust and far beyond the capabilities of manual spreadsheets.
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Use testing, be fully prepared

Test an unlimited number of plans and terms before issuing an award to view its effect on the cost of the plan. Perform sophisticated scenario analysis and create dynamic budgeting scenarios to allow you to make informed decisions quickly and easily.

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