The Power of Gamification in Employee Incentive Awards

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Businesses worldwide are now recognising the potential of gamification as an instrument to effectively engage employees. Gamification, the concept of applying game mechanics in non-game contexts, has proven to be an engaging and motivating force. Gamification is a highly effective method to tap into a person’s natural tendencies for competitiveness, achievement, and obtaining rewards.

Just as individuals enjoy playing games in various forms, gamification can use the same principles in workplace environments or workplace tools to engage employees, help them perform tasks, learn in a fun way, and ultimately motivate them to excel in achieving their goals.

Gamification to Learn

Employee engagement is the backbone of a successful incentive plan, and positive engagement comes with a good understanding of the details of what one can potentially earn by achieving targets and getting the best results. The more participants learn and understand about their incentive plans and the goals they need to achieve, the better the participation will be, and the more they will get out of achieving the targets that underly their incentive plans.

It’s been shown that employees find gamified training more enjoyable and vibrant than traditional methods, resulting in better information retention and improved performance. This is beneficial to both the company that aims to retain good staff and the participants who feel like they are involved in furthering the company’s ethos. Gamification is, therefore, the perfect fit in incentive plan management, as it stimulates learning in an engaging manner.

Gamification to Motivate

The beauty of gamification lies in its ability to be customised to a company’s culture and values, which can be seamlessly integrated into employee incentive programs, providing employees with clear goals and awards and how to achieve KPIs and incentive rewards. 

Using social mechanisms such as badges, points, or leaderboards, the recognition process is simplified, allowing for real-time rewards based on performance and fostering a sense of ownership, pride, and a desire to achieve company goals. 

Many organisations have experienced a notable improvement in employee behaviour and an overall positive impact upon the implementation of gamification strategies. Gamification has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to motivate employees, increase satisfaction, and bolster productivity. By transforming work from a mere 9-to-5 routine into a genuinely rewarding and enjoyable experience, gamification can revolutionise how employees approach their incentives.

Gamification to Administer

The pillars of a successful incentive plan include the ability to ensure participants are engaged, but also the ability to manage the plans efficiently. Administering plans requires a very unique and specialised set of skills; however, gamification tools can assist in helping companies with a step-by-step approach to manage, maintain and report on these incentive programs.

The integration of gamification in share plan administration tools can aid in efficiently issuing and tracking awards and settlements through a structured progression system and digital badges. This approach offers regular feedback and visual progress markers to evaluate individual performance while promoting teamwork and task management based on established rights. A desirable outcome is a system that delivers personalised plans to administrators, enhancing their user experience.

Gamifying Employee Awards

If you are seeking ways to boost employee engagement, recognise performance and assist administrators in managing their awards, gamification within an incentive plan management tool is a promising option to consider. By tapping into natural human tendencies for competition, achievement, and rewards, gamification can unlock the full potential of both participants and those managing their awards, creating a more productive and fulfilling incentive plan program. 

Share plan administrative tools can be tailored to fit an organisation’s unique requirements and seamlessly integrate with existing processes, simplifying administrative tasks and ensuring a more engaging and enjoyable experience for all those involved.

How ShareForce Gamifies Employee Awards

ShareForce was designed to assist companies that recognise the importance of enhancing incentive plan management using technology. Through our platform, companies can establish performance goals for their staff to align with their organisational objectives and ethos. Our gamified tool incorporates dashboard features that enable administrators and participants alike to effectively manage and track incentives using an integrated approach to award issuances, vestings, elections, and settlements. Let ShareForce help you educate, inspire, and easily manage your share and cash incentives. 

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